Life Update.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update and so I figured I would hop on and publish my first post of 2020.

As many of you know 2019 was a wild ride. I had some major life milestones such as turning 30 and also walking away from my almost nine-year marketing career at Macy’s. For the most part, 2019 was spent interviewing and trying to desperately figure out what would be next for my career. Now, I would’ve thought the answer would have presented itself in 2019 but God laughed at my plans 🙂

Even though the journey was tough, and absolutely still is, I am comforted in knowing that I am not in control. Yes, I owe it to myself to show up every day, re-energized and committed to the goal of landing my next opportunity but at the end of the day that’s as far as my control goes. Where I end up securing an offer is completely up to God.

Much of 2019 was spent trying to give up that control and surrender to the fact that what is meant to be will be. I was brought to my knees so many times in despair because I wanted some of these roles so badly. When you spend months preparing, interviewing and meeting team members you inevitably fall in love with the idea of being there. I spent the entire year going through that process over and over only to get to the final round to only hear, sorry, they decided to select another candidate but they had nothing but positive things to say about you.

Entering 2020, I’ve re-committed to surrendering all to God’s will and asking him to decrease me so that he may increase. The beautiful thing about this career journey is that based on my prayers, I know that where I end up landing will inevitably be ordained by God so there will be no mistake. That’s the comforting part. It might not be on my time or when I want but it will be exactly what I need.

So, as I continue to interview and walk on the path to my dream job, I continue to pray for my future boss, my future team members, and my future office space and environment and pray that they are ready to meet me because I’m certainly ready to meet them.

If you’re out there on a career transition or job search journey, just know that pain is only temporary. Don’t get too high on the highs and too low on the lows. Nothing lasts forever and even though this season of no might feel eternal, the yes is around the corner. Have faith and be patient. What’s for you, can’t miss you.

Until my next update, God bless.

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