A bun in the oven – First trimester

First Trimester As I write this post I’m actually 11 weeks pregnant today but as you read this post I’ll be 24 weeks! Can you believe we have our very first bun in the oven?… View Post

Why Am I So Comfortable Now?

As you guys have probably seen, my content has been more consistent lately. I’ve been churning out cooking content for the past 12 weeks at a rapid rate. I have not slowed down one bit,… View Post

5 things I’ve been doing since quarantined

As you read this, I hope you’re safe, healthy and have some sense of peace during this insanely stressful time that we’re all experiencing. I cannot believe we’ve all been going through COVID-19 for the… View Post

Life Update.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update and so I figured I would hop on and publish my first post of 2020. As many of you know 2019 was a wild ride. I… View Post

TGIF, but what else?

Today is Friday, and yes, we’re all like “TGIF!” But when was the last time you showed gratitude for something outside of just Friday? Listen, I love the yaaasss it’s Friday posts on instagram as… View Post