5 things I’ve been doing since quarantined

As you read this, I hope you’re safe, healthy and have some sense of peace during this insanely stressful time that we’re all experiencing. I cannot believe we’ve all been going through COVID-19 for the… View Post

Life Update.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update and so I figured I would hop on and publish my first post of 2020. As many of you know 2019 was a wild ride. I… View Post


Does spring ever seem like a blur to you? I feel like we anticipate summer so much that we fly though spring as if it’s not even there. Well, this year, the weather has been… View Post


With the start of a new season, I feel hopeful and excited about the possibilities to come. This is such a new chapter for me in my life. With new changes unfolding such as leaving… View Post

The 10 Year Challenge: 10 Things I’ve learned

I saw over on Maed, Denise Vasi’s blog, that she was participating in the #10yearchallenge a little differently by speaking about the things she’s learned in the last decade. I thought to myself that was… View Post