Must Have Summer Hair Products Featuring Shea Moisture

Summer is finally here and that means vacations, beaches and lots of fun! If you’re anything like me then you’re looking for the nearest body of water any given weekend during the summer months (tan… View Post

I’ve become a straight hair natural

Hi, My name is Natasha & I’ve become a straight hair natural…….and guess what? I love it.  A few years ago, I use to write on my blog about protecting your curls and how to… View Post


Yesterday’s Curlfest was a beautiful site to see. The lovely ladies of Curly Girl Collective hosted hundreds of natural haired beauties in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to celebrate all things naturally beautiful.  The event had a… View Post

Hair Update: My Big Cut

Surprise–It’s me!  So, for some time now I’ve been contemplating just cutting my hair off and really starting over. Not like big chop cut, but a serious enough cut to get my hair back on… View Post

Ultimate Perm Rod Set on Dry Natural Hair

Lately, my go to style has been perm rods (all day everyday). I absolutely love the curl pattern I’m able to achieve with the orange sized rods. I’ve been wearing this style so much lately… View Post