Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Plan A Cabin Getaway


I’ve had this idea for some time now—whisking my friends away for a quiet birthday celebration somewhere up in the mountains or out in the suburbs of upstate New York. With my birthday being one week away, I had no idea how I was going to pull this planning off so quickly.

Luckily, a friend came to the rescue and had already planned a ski trip to upstate New York, Hunter Mountain. How lucky was I that this was the exact location I wanted to visit as well? Everything happens for a reason!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking you don’t have enough time to plan a weekend cabin getaway for yourself. Think again, even though my friend (shout out to Natalie!) was the lead on the planning, I definitely got some tips on how to plan the best cabin getaway ever!

First thing on the list is to pick a location:

If you’re in NYC like me then this is a no brainer, go upstate! Sure you can go out of town to Colorado or Vermont, but why go so far (and spend more coins) when you have beautiful slopes right in your background? New York is home to some of the best skiing in the East with 50+ ski resorts throughout the state!

We chose Hunter Mountain because it’s about an easy 2 hour drive from the city and the mountain is guaranteed to be blanketed in snow! The cabins are also super cute in the surrounding Catskill area. Cabins are affordable and easy to find.


Next item on the list is to secure lodging:

Like previously mentioned this part is actually really easy! Figure out how many confirmed guests are attending the trip and go to airbnb.com or vacationrental.com and search for homes in the region you’re visiting. This search will give you plenty of options to choose from in your price range.



Last thing on your list is to come up with a loose itinerary:

Sometimes, when traveling with a lot of people it’s hard to keep everyone on track. Make it known ahead of time that activities on the mountain will take place at a pre-determined time/ day and ensure everyone is one the same page. Try to also get tickets for the ski lifts ahead of time as there are usually discounts associated with pre paying.



That’s it guys--Pack plenty of warm clothes, games, food and drinks and get ready for an amazing getaway in the mountains! We leave for Hunter Mountain on Friday and I cannot wait! Pictures from our trip coming soon!

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