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How to prevent heat damage

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We all know how depressing and annoying heat damage can be....I've been there before and I'm sure you've been there as well. However, the key to not going back to that terrible place is PREVENTION

It's winter time, and some naturals prefer to press or flat iron their natural hair because it's easier to maintain during the colder months. There are some critical steps to take when ensuring optimal prevention of heat damage. Keep in mind that once natural hair experiences heat damage there is no proven way of permanently reversing the damage other than cutting the destroyed pieces. Conditioners and protein treatments might help the coils to regain some strength but nothing quite gets the hair back to the texture it once was. So, let's pay close attention to the below tips to save ourselves the heartache! 

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Size your section: There’s no one standard size to section your hair for flat iron use, as hair thickness, length and iron size all vary greatly. “The goal is to make sure that each and every strand of hair gets even heat distribution. If you choose a section that is too large, the outer portions will get heated while leaving the inner portions unaffected,” says Davis. Experiment to find what amount heats all of your strands equally, and then stick to that size going forward.
Smooth, don’t pull: “Those who have long been using irons such as the CHI have a tendency to grip the hair and pull it straight, using friction. This method will give you decent results in the short run, but over time, will damage your hair,” says Davis. Instead, move the iron slowly yet steadily through your hair, focusing on smoothing the strands instead of tugging down on them.
Don’t pass multiple times: “Passing over the same section continuously — like more than three times — damages hair more than using a high temperature setting,” says Davis. The perfect degree varies by hair type and condition, but you’ll want to experiment until you find a temperature that gives you the desired result in one to two passes. And if you’re smoking, you’re burning.
Use heat-protective serum: Anytime you flat iron, be sure to prep strands with a heat-protective serum, like those made with jojoba and argan oil. Typically, serums are more effective than sprays because they coat strands in a protective fashion, but be sure to use no more than a quarter-size amount at a time to prevent buildup.
Don’t iron wet hair: While it’s OK to style hair that is still slightly damp, wet hair magnifies heat to dangerously scorching levels. Too often, people use the flat iron to do most of the straightening work, when in fact, that’s the role of a hair dryer. Use your iron as more of a finishing touch to set shine and seal in moisture and sleekness, or else pay the price with badly heat-damaged hair.
Only fitting..Michelle's hair was LAID during last nights Presidential Debate. 

Keep these tips in mind the next time you whip out your flat iron!! What are some tips & tricks that you use when flat ironing your natural hair? 


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