Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For my stans: Solange featured in April 2012 issue of 'Complex' magazine

Hi Beauties! 

My favorite natural girl is at it again! Solo is rocking the pages of 'Complex' magazine this month. She's fierce & fearless in this spread! Check out the DOPE, flawless photo's below! 

Photo Credit: Complex Magazine
Her hair is growing and looking FAB!! What do you think of her style in this spread? DOPE or NOPE!? 

Also, check out a snippet of her "would you rather" interview with complex magazine:

I’d rather be submissive than dominant. Strong, independent women share this sentiment of wanting to be taken over sexually behind closed doors. It’s the natural balance for a woman like me.
I’d rather live in the U.S. than Europe. I talk shit about the American way, and how much more together Europe is as a society, but traveling as much as I have, there are lots of things I appreciate about home. I plan on living in Europe at some point, but for now I’m good in Brooklyn.
I’d rather be on the cast of Love & Hip-Hop than Project Runway. I’ve never seen Project Runway, but I’m a huge Chrissy [Love & Hip-Hop star Christine Lampkin] fan. I’d need to take boxing lessons from her first though, nahmean?

Read the entire interview here at Complex.com

Weigh in below with your thoughts, beauties!

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