Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winter time--Straight hair regimen

Hi Beauties!

It's all about animal print. Souce

So, the weather here in NYC has finally decided to become somewhat consistent with the season and it's actually beginning to feel like fall! This weekend has been clear blue skies, and not a degree over 65. No rain. No humidity. This means it's time to straighten my hair. I haven't straightened my hair since I visited Hair Rules Salon in the summer around June. So, I was really excited to check my length and see what progress I've made with my hair.

Of course I did a tutorial documenting every step I took in achieving this look. But before we get into the video, here's a little bit more information on my winter straight hair regimen.

My must have winter straight hair products??
-Phytobrush Shampoo
-John Freida Conditioner
-Fantasia IC hair polisher
-Nioxin Thermal Heat Protectant
-Large Paddle Brush
-Rat Tail Comb
-FHI Runway Flatiron
-FHI Blow dryer

Nigh time routine?
-Regardless of the time of the day, If I am in the house for more than 30 minutes I wrap my hair and secure it under a silk scarf and cover it with a bonnet. This preserves my straight hair for at least two weeks without having to retouch it with the flat iron

Check out the video for more details beauties!!

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  1. u have beautiful hair ur beautiful too girl good advice on the heat protecting!! ima try it!

  2. Love the tutorial! Quick question, what temp is your blowdryer and flatiron during this process?? I'm curious because my hair is heat senstivite and when I become fully natural I would like to use heat to straighten. Thanx!

  3. Hi @anonymous--I don't have control over the heat for my blow's on a default medium heat and high speed setting. For my flat iron it was at 370. I used three different heat protectants throughout the process because, like you, my hair is very sensitive to heat in certain areas.

    @VeleriesWorld--Thanks so much!!

  4. Looks beautiful! Love your blog:) How long have you been natural?



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