Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to get this natural hair look!

Hi Beauties!!!

I realized the other day that I did a hairstyle that was strikingly similar to the beautiful and talented, Janelle Monae. The style was very impromptu and I had to do it quickly because I needed to be on time to an event. I had 4 day hair and was tired of having it out!

Follow the steps below to achieve this look:

  • First you need to gather your tools: You will need a hard bristle brush, a spray bottle with cold water, bobby pins and a styler (I'm trying to stay away from gel so I used my Carols daughter Macadamia Heat Foam as my styler/holder)
  • Spray hair liberally with water to get it damp
  • Next, flip hair upside down and twist the back of hair (As if you were going to do a french roll) Twist inward until you've reached the middle of your crown
  • Secure twist with large bobby pins.
  • Once secure, take remainder of hair and flip it back (almost like a rolled bang) begin styling the puff in the front of your hair by rolling all the hair into a hump of sorts. It all depends on how high you want your puff (I would say that I was somewhat conservative with my puff as opposed to Ms. Monae lol)
  • You want to make sure you're criss crossing your bobby pins to make sure hair is secure
  • After you've gathered your puff together, simply secure it with bobby pins until you feel like you have the look. I used about 10 pins to get my look
  • To get my hump all I did was situate my hair into a hump and use the tucking strategy. I took my hair tucked  it under into a roll
  • After my hair was secured and shaped I used a couple pumps of my foam and smoothed the side of my hair and edges
Found a great video showcasing something similar! She did a great job explaining in details how to get this look! Check her out!

That's it beauties! Do you think you can rock this look?? Let me know!!

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